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BB of Flowers

About Us

BB of Flowers was born to shape a project conceived a few years ago, to realize the passion we feel for flowers and plants so they can express emotions and feelings through aroma and beauty.

Flowers and plants are beautiful and they are welcome on every occasion, whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, a special dinner or to a funeral, there will be a special opportunity to express feeling through a floral arrangement.

Undoubtedly, the florist business is one of the most beautiful, and not only for the work being done, but because it is in direct contact with nature daily, with fragrances and enviable visual environment for any business, this certainly makes an environment of harmony and good atmosphere in the work place. Working with flowers is a truly enjoyable experience; just take a little look around the store to enlighten the day, which is why the name of our store is, Beautiful Business of Flowers “BB of Flowers”, nobody can deny that it is a business surrounded by endless beauty.

Our mission is to be the number one flower shop, known for its creativity, excellent service, customer service and timely deliveries in Weston City and nearby cities, we provide a service of innovative creativity and added value to the various special events made to individuals and corporate clients.

We provide a personalized service to our customers because we want our customers to feel BB of Flowers as it is; a business attended by its owners and we are committed to delivering innovative creativity, high quality using a variety of design styles flowers and plants to create fresh and attractive flower arrangements.

Every customer is very important to us and we always strive to provide the best professional service to your order, which is why our staff is trained in customer service and has extensive knowledge in the world of flowers and plants and are able to help the proper selection of your flower arrangement.

For your peace, BB of Flowers offers guaranteed delivery (*) and satisfaction of its products. We know that it might not happen but if by any chance you place an order and you disagree with the given arrangement, we can change it.

Your total satisfaction is what motivates us and gives us energy to keep innovating and delivering high quality products.

(*) For additional information please check delivery police.